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Virtual Lab Tour

Grand Traverse Analytical was started in 2002 with 1 gc/ms that was dedicated to running EPA 8260b volatile organic compounds.  Since that time we have added 2 more gc/ms's for volatile organics, and 2 more gc/ms's for semi-volatile organic compounds.  We also have added a Hitachi Z-8100 and Hitachi Z-8200 flame/furnace combo for the running of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, copper, etc. and cations such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, etc.  GTA's inorganic & wetlab consists of chlorides, floride, coliform bacteria, etc.



Volatiles Lab

GTA currently runs 3 HP5890 Gas Chromatograms with HP5971  Mass Spectrometers.  Each gas chromatogram is equipped with a Tekmar 2000 LSC, Tekmar 2016, and Tekmar 2032 auto samplers.  Each instrument is kept calibrated for a full scan at all times, allowing GTA to confirm unknown compounds with a second and sometimes third mass spectrometer. 



A second pentium pc is used to process the data. GTA's full volatile scan by EPA 8260B contains over 60 different compounds, from the gases like Vinyl Chloride and Dichlorodifluormethane to larger analytes like Naphthalene and 2-Methylnaphthalene.


Virtual Lab 7000

Voa 1 - 5890 (shown above)

Voa 2 - 5890 (shown above)

Voa 3 - 5890 (shown above)

Semi-Volatiles Lab

GTA's has 2 automated Semi or Non-Volatile systems. They include HP7673 autosamplers, HP5890 Gas Chromatograms with HP5971 MSDs.



GTA's Semi-Volatile analysis includes Polynuclear Aromatics (PNA's), Base-Neutral-Acid extractables (BNA's), and Pesticide/PCB's by EPA 8270C-SIM.



All PNA/Pesticide/PCB's are ran using the SIM (Single Ion Monitoring) method as specified in EPA 8270C. This provides a 20 fold decrease in detection limits, and provides a cleaner spectrum to identify the analytes in the scan.



Metals Lab

GTA has 2 automated Hitachi Flame/Furnace Atomic Absorption spectrometers. This unique design by Hitachi allows both flame and furnace automated metals analysis without time consuming instrument setup and optimization.



Z-8100 (shown above)

Hitachi AA's use plane-polarized DC Zeeman background correction to correct for broadband (smoke) interferences encountered in atomic absorption spectras.  They are highly sensitive for many trace elements such as Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic, Potassium, etc.


Grand Traverse Analytical is certified by the Michigan DEQ for the analysis of heavy metals in drinking water.


Z-8200 (shown above)



Inorganics/Wet Chemistry Lab

GTA's inorganic & wetlab consists of Chlorides, Conductivity, Bicarbonate/Carbonate, total coliforms and E-coli, pH, etc. GTA's wet lab was developed for analysis required for a local wastewater plant, and for monitoring remediation system nutrients.




GTA uses a HACH UV/VIS spectrometer. Analytes done here include, but are not limited to, Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphorus, and Sulfates.   Samples are also analyzed by titrations, ion selective electrodes, block digesters, incubation, and weights.


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