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Grand Traverse Analytical is located in Traverse City and has recently become the “best lab in the State”, according to one satisfied customer.  Read More...


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With more than 20 years of combined experience, the chemists at GTA strive for the highest possible analytical quailty. Quality not only includes following proper protocol, but it also includes assurance of experienced analysts that provide accurate, provable data. All data generated at GTA is backed up with the required documentation. Anyone can generate a professional looking data report, but not all can routinely provide actual passing QA/QC documentation.


A fast turn around time is also considered a part of quality control. Clients that require organic analysis typically are under pressure to produce results as fast as possible. All organic analysis have holding times, when holding times are compromised, it renders the data useless. The experienced chemists at GTA, Kirk Chase and Mike Riebschleger, take advantage of automation and common sense procedures that ensures rapid results.


Finally, technical support is also a part of quality control. The world of environmental analysis can be confusing and prone to error for the less experienced. Project managers in charge of clean-ups or monitoring often refer to GTA chemist for sampling and analysis selection. Contact us with your technical questions.



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